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a coach at cal shoves a student athlete. no disciplinary for the heated exchange but a state lawmakers is calling for a suspension. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm san francisco somerville. he's coached for 20 years and highly regarded but tonight mike montgomery is under fire for shoving a student athlete and initially suggesting it was okay. amber lee live at the berkeley campus now. if you're talking to a state lawmaker who says the coach
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needs to be suspended, amber. >> reporter: here on the cal campus there appears to be a sense of forgiveness. but leland yee is calling for the coach to be suspended. >> reporter: cal basketball coach montgomery says he let his emotions get ahold of him. crab appeared upset and was led away. today leland yee is asking for some action. >> there needs to be some suspension. i think the one day suspension is enough to show that it is not okay. crab led the bear's come back
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in eventual lee. montgomery was unapologetic says the shove quote worked didn't it. but later in a statement he said while my intent was to motivate our student athlete, but actions were inappropriate and i apologize for my actions. the pac12 reprimanded coach montgomery. there are reports that coach montgomery was involved in a similar incident and this time the coach should be punished. reporting live here at the uc berkeley campus. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
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more details now this isn't the first such controversy for the cal basketball program. in 1993, the school's athletic director was fired. police say there were called to a homeless encampment near the food next door on industrial parkway about 6:30 this evening. officers say that's where they discovered the woman's body. one woman said she was known as deedee or hope. at this point they have not determined a cause of death. we are finally on storm watch tonight after weeks of dry weather. at this hour the rain is starting to move into the bay area from the northwest with the main event expected to arrive for tomorrow morning's commute. we have team coverage for you tonight.
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our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm in our weather center. but we begin in fairfax with ken wayne and why water agencies say more water is needed. >> reporter: the rain is picking up at times, it is much colder tonight. a big change from the dry warm weather we've been having lately. dry clouds started rolling over the city. the clouds obliterated the sunshine we had the last few weeks. >> it was wonderful, it was great. i was just grateful because i had a lot of outside work to do. >> reporter: at lake langanita the water level is high enough that it's coming off of the spill way. montgomery county counts on
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rainfall to replenish it's water supply. east bay mud gets 80% of its water from sierra snow pack. right now its reservoirs are at 81% of capacity. in the south bay things are not looking so bright in the santa clara valley water district. despite all of today's water technologies we're still reliant on the winds of mother nature. >> it's probably another effect of global warming. probably. the storm is coming and it'll bring more rain and we'll get more flooding and we'll deal with it as we always do. >> reporter: we could not reach anyone from the san francisco puc on this holiday to get more information on the hechhechie reservoir which provides much of the peninsula. but a website shows as of today that reservoir is still almost full. live in fairfax, ken wayne, ktvu news. more details now, we checked the annual rainfall
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totals and compared them to a typical year. santa rosa is closest to its average at 93%. san francisco is at 85%. oakland airport 83%, and san jose is at 80% of normal. now to chief meteorologist bill martin he's tracking the rain and wind arriving in the bay area, bill. >> reporter: i had a few reports of sprinkles out at san francisco's ocean beach and then pacifica. light showers that's nothing. that's just the atmosphere getting primed up. you can see a few showers moving you have to modesto. a little bit of clearing here but check out the computer model for tomorrow morning's commute. here we are tonight. a few clouds move in. by 5:00 a.m. look what's going on in this area, you have a few showers showing up along the great highway. in oakland, check out 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m., the showers starting to work their way south. that's the morning commute. a little late on the morning commute but we have rain in the north bay. at 10:00 it's draped across the
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bay area. it is going to be a wet commute. it has not rained in a while. the roads will be slippery. when we come back i'm going to take that computer model and base the time line light through the afternoon. there's more showers in the forecast for your tuesday. we'll see you back here. >> bill will be back with exactly how the rest of tomorrow will play out. and which areas will see the heaviest rains. at 10:45, his five day forecast and whether there's more rain behind this system. and in just five minutes, a massive tree falls on top of a home in contra costa county. the family inside describes the moment it came crashing down. there is a warning tonight for students at uc santa cruz where police are investigating the report of a rape in broad daylight on a campus footpath. late this afternoon, investigators released this sketch based on the woman's description of the attacker. jana katsuyama tells us this incident has left students unnerved. police say the attack happened on the north end of
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campus just east of several lecture halls on science hill along a wooded trail. today we found santa cruz police investigators going over the site. a young woman was visiting the campus and she was walking along just before 10:30 when the attacker beat and raped her. >> the victim did not know the assailant and it happened in the middle of the day. so that's shocking for the campus and quite unusual. >> reporter: students received an e-mail alert. many say the wooded trails are often used to get around campus. >> this is really shocking i didn't ever think anything like this would actually happen. >> part of it is there's no direct path to get from one part to another so that's why we have a will the of these trails that go through the woods. so that's how you get places. >> reporter: police say the victim was taken to dominican hospital. she describes the suspect as a white man 30 to 40 years old,
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5'11", 200 pounds green eyes a too ta on the rite bicept and a -- green eyes and a tattoo on the right bicent. here's a look at the sketch of that rape suspect. i learned tonight that police are planning to hold a public safety forum on wednesday at 7:00 right here on campus. reporting from uc santa cruz, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now the rape at uc santa cruz comes six days after a 21-year-old student was shot at a bus stop near campus she is currently recovering. here's another look at the police sketch released after that incident. it's on the left right next to the sketch released today on the rape case. police are asking students to be cautious and go out in groups if possible. new developments tonight involving a triple homicide. sheriff deputies say a suspect
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has been identified in mobile alabama. mark copello is from colorado. police say copello shot and killed three men in a marijuana deal gone bad. sonoma county deputies traveled to alabama but are saying little about his connection to the homicides. a man involved in a weekend boat crash at san francisco bay has died as a result of his injuries. harry holshower was on board a 20-foot motor boat that collided with a golden gate ferry on sunday afternoon. the operator of the motor boat remains in the hospital, the ferry was not damaged. the coast guard is investigating who's at fault but it appears the speed of the motor boat may have been a contributing factor. autopsy reports released today shows that a teenager from petaluma that went
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missing died of hypothermia and had drugs in her system. a utility worker found her body in a snow bank several days later. a slur and a slap. one airline passengers appalling treatment of a crying toddler and the big price he paid. >> you have just learned how much rain will impact your commute. coming up next, how many accumulation will fall. >> my roof fell in rig
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the approaching storm could cause trees to topple but no rain was needed for an old oak to come crashing down today in contra costa county. ktvu's heather holmes is now in diablo to show us the damage to one house. heather. >> reporter: it's unclear exactly what caused this massive tree to topple what is clear is the damage it left behind. most of it was to the roof of this multi million dollar home with branches and they also fell on an suv and golf cart that was parked beside it. take a look, a branch almost
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split the golf cart in two. >> all of a sudden this explosion hit. >> reporter: it was the sound of the massive tree about 5 feet in diameter crashing down into the bermin's house on diablo road not far from diablo country club. the largest branches fell just feet from the kitchen where wendy was standing. >> i just froze, i stood there thinking is the rest of the house going to come down on me. >> reporter: wendy and her husband and daughter made it out safely. as for the house, it's been red taped. no one allowed in or out until investigations are done. firefighters were still in the house worried that the tree will continue to fall. >> the place it landed on the house it covered a big portion of the roof. >> reporter: trees removed this pile of branches from the roof and plan to return tomorrow with a large crane to finish the job. >> we'll get through it. it's a little emotion --
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emotionallal emotionallal -- emotional for my wife right now but we'll get through it. >> reporter: berman kept his sense of humor thinking about all the firewood he has now. >> we're going to split it and i'm going to burn it when we get our fireplace. we always complained about not having enough wood well we don't have that problem anymore. >> reporter: no not anymore. you can see crews remain here they are covering the roof with tarp and it's all in an effort to keep tomorrow's rain from making this bad situation even worse. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. there are reports tonight that adam lanza the man responsible for the school massacre in newtown connecticut may have been trying to outtoo the norwegian man who killed 72 people in 2007. according to cbs news, anonymous sources said lanza
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was obsessed with those killings in norway. the source said lanza chose the school because it was filled with potential victims. connecticut state police say any statements about the shooters intent are mere speculation until their investigation is complete. bay area singer tilley held a concert to honor the victims of the newtown massacre and to know the students they are loved. tillery and her band performed this afternoon at the salvage coffee house. the jazz and blues singers said she wanted children to feel protected. >> my purpose in doing this is so that our local kids know that the adults who live in this community are there for them. >> reporter: tillery says she hopes to hold more concerts to draw attention to the issue of gun violence. the lawyer for an idaho man accused of slapping a black baby on an airplane said today her client is not a racist. the baby's mother says her 19 -month-old boy whom she adopted
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was crying as the plane descended into atlanta on february 8th. the mother says joe hunley told him to shut the n word baby up and then slapped the child. hunley has been fired from the job as an executive as an aerospace company. his lawyer said he will probably not fight to getting his job back but will plead not guilty to assault. according to a poll by trip advisor, 23% of respondents would pay a $25 fee to sit in a quiet section. some analysts say kid free zones could be seen as discrimination against children and could lead to a debate about separate sections for other reasons such as pets, s, people who drink or even people who are overweight. -- the u.s. postal services may be in the brink of collapse but we learned that they are spending thousands of
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the dollars to send administrators to a conference in march. >> reporter: the administrators conference will tee off with golf. documents obtained by our washington, d.c. bureau show the travel $220.000 in exhibit space will cost the u.s. postal service $200,000. internal postal service documents show beyond the meetings and a golf tournament there will be a music entertainment and the foods of fisherman's wharf and china town. at a time when the postal service is under fire for losing money and scrapping some saturday mail service. one watchdog group says the
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government shouldn't pay to fly its executives into town. >> they need to be concerned about the objects of this and be concerned about you know ratcheting back on what is considered some of their more luxurious activities. >> reporter: organizers of the national postal forum say the event is designed to inform businesses offered by the postal service. it's targeted thousands of small businesses here in the bay area and it expects to generate millions of the dollars of new revenue. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. showers in the forecast tonight. not a lot of rain in most snow
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levels. showers out toward modesto. we've had reports of light sprinkles showing up along the peninsula and along the coast. computer model then for tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. some showers, 9:00 a.m. showers moving into oakland now. that's the kind of later morning commute. and then you get to 10:00, this is kind of wet here the 10:00 period from 10:00 to 11:00 then into the south bay. without rain with the new rain in the roadways it's going to be very slick out there. tomorrow morning's commute into the later afternoon hours is going to be wet. so when i come back we're going to have the long range forecast it shows a chance for more showers in the computer model and your five day forecast, we'll see you back here. the owner of the los angeles lakers jerry buss died today of kidney failure following a long battle with cancer. he was 80 years old. buss was one of the most successful owners of a professional team ever. he bought the lakers and they went on to win 10
11:51 pm
championships. the lakers were worth $1 billion -- last month, forbes estimated the lakers were worth $1 billion. and the pain at the pump is fueling car sales. and burger king in the social media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. the hack that might have left some whopper lovers confused today. >> and a reminder you can get ktvu news well, well, well.
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for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. it's happening earlier than usual this year. gas prices are going up earlier than usual. a gallon of regular was $4.13 today, a week ago it was 10-
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cents cheaper and a month ago it was $3.66. that's 47-cents cheaper. analysts say we usually don't see spikes like these until later in the spring and they warn these price increases may continue. it turns out there may be a positive to the high gas prices it appears they may be driving people to buy new cars. car dealers say the president day sales have been the strongest they've seen in years. new at 10:00, deborah villalon live at a dealership that was crunching the numbers. >> reporter: the president's day push is more than hype and hot air. >> reporter: a brand new ford truck being driven off the lot today. swapped for the same model 12 years older getting more than half the gas mileage. >> they gave me 5,000 for my
11:55 pm
old truck and $500 for the president's day sale. i did pretty good. >> reporter: manufacturer discounts, low interest rates and shoppers with time off. all make for busy showrooms. and a willingness to replace cars with high miles. >> people are just happening to spend too much money on the repair shops and time to get out of the old and into some of the new. the gas savings on these new cars are fantastic. >> reporter: every car maker are fuel savings. there couple did their research and bought an accord. >> i saw the sales everywhere online, on tv. i thought we have to go. and they gave us really good deals. >> reporter: an older v8 traded in for a crv that will go three times as far on a tank of gas. >> they see a big upturn compared to what last year was.
11:56 pm
we're about probably 15 more units ahead than what we did last year so i can see the economy is coming back. >> reporter: consumer confidence wasn't an issue for this buyer he racked up 72 miles on this new truck on his test drive taking it home for approval. his chief economic indicator making his trade in -- >> especial lip -- especially when the wife says i can. >> reporter: these president's day sale promotions go back to bicycle shops that turned into car dealerships and then spread from there. deborah villalon ktvu news. it is no true that burger king has been sold to mcdonalds. although someone hacked burger king's twitter feed saying that it had. more tweets followed we obscenities. another twitter posting suggested the group anonymous might be to blame.
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some sprint customers in san francisco may already be enjoying a prelaunch of sprint's new and faster network. it will make it's new 4g network available in san francisco. sprint is playing catch up with verizon and at&t. the massive spending cuts less than two weeks away and how they impact one of san francisco's famous events. >> also collectors search there is no mass-produced human.
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a livermore mother who was sentenced to prison for having sex with under aged boys is
12:00 am
back behind bars. christine hubbs has pleaded not guilty to several charges. hubbs was arrested last week for a parol violation but did not specify what that violation was. hubbs was known as hummer mom because she drove around one often with teenage kids. in -- you can see the steep terrain in those picture there is from chopper 2. because the rescue operation was difficult and it was getting dark the actual recovery wasn't completed until early this evening. >> the only way out is in the creek bed. it's full of boulders and very slippery and wet and it's treacherous. >> reporter: the man's name has not been released although it is believed he was a santa
12:01 am
clara man that went missing on saturday. on march 1 across the board spending cuts will go into effect totalling $1.3 million. not much is expected to happen this week because congress is on a break. the cuts apply equally to defense and nondefense spending. meat inspections could be curtailed and the pentagon says it would have to sacrifice ship maintenance. the blue angels may not appear in san francisco's annual fleet week. the navy put out a memo saying if sequestration takes effect it won't fund blue angel shows for the second half of the year. that would save the navy $20 millions but it would also mean less money for those who profit
12:02 am
from their appearance. >> everyone wants to get on the boats and see the blue angels. it would be devastating for the war. >> reporter: there are some people who won't miss the blue angels every year the city receives complaints about the noise they make. russia says they've recovered 56 pieces of a meteor right. >> reporter: in frozen eastern russia collectors are rushing to find pieces of a meteorite. >> if it wasn't for us going out to recover them, they would have nothing. >> reporter: sliced open, some
12:03 am
meteorites contain gems. the estimated ton meteor the biggest in the century, certainly the best documented ever also has an unprecedented history of destruction and injury. >> if it just slopped on the ground and didn't do any damage well it would be a lot cheaper. >> reporter: typically worth about $1 a gram, $500 a pound like art it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay. the chelubins meteorite could be worth hundreds of more. witnessed fall such as this one in romania 1868 and this one in peru make their meteorite more valuable. we see them as shooting stars but every day 15,000-tons of them hit earth, most are tiny. this meteorite was found in algeria 14 years ago but martinez says they are spread out all over the globe and the bay area. and if you know what you're
12:04 am
looking for, you too can find a space rock. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. coast guard investigators today say they found the cause of the engine room fire last week that disabled the carnival cruise ship triumph. the fire knocked out power to the cruise liner and 3,000 passengers were trapped on board without electricity, running water or working toilets. the triumph commander said the fire was caused by a broken line. they also said the crew did a good job in responding. >> the city received reports that three cafes have been offering sweep stake games online. those include video slot machine, poker, roulette and blackjack. letters were sent to businesses asking them to shut down.
12:05 am
at least one of the cafes has since closed. best buy announced it will permanently adopt price matching. the electronic giant says it can no longer tolerate what they call showrooming. that's when people check out products and then purchase them online at a discount. best buy says it will match all local competitors and 19 major online stores. there are reports tonight, google is planning to open retail stores according to the tech blog. google believes brick and mortar stores will be necessary to familiarize people with google glass. those are the glasses with capability of a smart phone. the stores are expected to be open in time for the holidays. late word just coming in that a pedestrian has been killed by a train tonight. we'll tell you what we know after the break.
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and in nine minutes, mother's milk bought and sold online. >> we know that the casual sharing is proliferating dramatically. >> reporter: a warning after what we discovered when we tested milk that we bought online. chief meteorologist bill martin is updating his forecast and he's back at 10:45 with what happens after tomorrow's rain. >> and in news of the world,
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developing news now, in the last hour we received word of a train striking and killing a pedestrian in palo alto. we're told the victim was a man. a pacific train hit him at 9:00 tonight on the train tracks
12:09 am
near embarcadero. in news of the world tonight in spain hundreds of iberia airline workers stormed the airport in madrid yesterday. this is day one of a planned 15 day strike. the workers are protesting plans by iberia to lay off 2,800 workers. in venezuela national tv announced president hugo chavez is now back home from cuba and his supporters celebrated but mr. chavez was not seen. he apparently arrived in the middle of the night and was taken to a military hospital to continue his recovery from cancer surgery. last week the first pictures of him in months were released showing the president and his daughters. and in south africa, olympic runner oscar pistorius remains under police custody on suspicion of murdering his
12:10 am
girlfriend. pistorius is a double amputee olympic runner and is considered a national hero by many. his attorney says he mistakingly thought there was a intruder in his home. mccready was allowed to quit treatment although she threatened to kill herself. she died yesterday at her arkansas home the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. mccready was found in the same front porch where her boyfriend died last month also from an apparent suicide. mccready's two sons were placed in alternative child care a month ago. police started chasing the driver after they say he tried
12:11 am
to run down an officer. at the time the officer was involved in an unrelated traffic stop. two teenage passengers were also in the suv but both of those girls walked away from the cash. the backlash over a proposal to water down bourbon has prompted marker's mark to resume their original recipe. the organizer of the whisky expert said the product change was a stunt. >> they want consistency in their flavor. to do that is kind of questionable. so first of all you wonder and when they come back a week later, is it a marketing ploy? >> reporter: maker's mark says the initial decision was because they could not make up
12:12 am
with the demand. the system responsible isn't done with us yet. the precise amount of rain that will fall in the specific timetable. demand may be high but
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nascar driver danica patrick has become the first woman ever to win the poll position for the upcoming daytona 500. she did it by being faster than anyone else in the qualifying race posting a lap speed of more than 196 miles per hour. ktvu caught up with some women drag racers today at the sonoma race way that were happy to point out that numbers don't lie. >> very proud to see that she's a racer, not necessarily a woman first. she's a racer first and she qualified because she's the
12:15 am
fastest racer. that's why i loved about it. >> many say that danica's success will bring more -- will put women behind race cars and crews. the city council approved the mid-year budget report which includes turning back on more than 250 street lights each month. did you know that you can actually buy breast milk online? we bought some and tested it. and ktvu's maureen naylor tells us what we found. >> this is ellen and she's a -month-old. >> reporter: ellen's meals are simple, her mother's breast
12:16 am
milk. >> every ounce counts and i call it liquid gold. >> reporter: but others are buying it online from strangers: we went online and found bay area women selling breast milk. some providing photos of their frozen supply. one woman testified that she had 2,000 pounds of breast milk. that's the equivalent of 15- gallons of milk. the executive director of the mother's breast milk calls the project casual sharing. >> we know that the casual sharing is proliferating dramatically. >> reporter: it's perfectly legal to buy and sell breast milk. one mother who offers her milk sited the program's requirement. >> we found that 2.3% came out positive for virus diseases such as hiv and hepatitis b and c. >> reporter: after contacting several sellers we went to the
12:17 am
home of one mother who says she's a registered nurse. we walked away with a cooler full of breast milk. twenty dollars got us six bottles of mother's milk. the same amount would have cost us three times more at the milk bank. we packed the bottles of milk we bought on dry ice and shipped them to a lab which discovered two types of bacteria. one deemed naturally occurring and the other breast infections. testing found caffeine present while the mother stated that she did not drink caffeine. parents also need a prescription from their doctor. >> the bottles are heated. >> reporter: the milk here is pasteurized to kill bacteria. kathleen has worked 20 years as a microbiologists and is at the -- this sample revealed a containing bacteria that could cause disease to the baby.
12:18 am
because infection can be transferred from the milk to the baby, she deemed this activity dangerous. >> you don't know anything about that person, you don't know how that milk has been stored. >> reporter: the saying goes, breast is best. but that may not always be the case. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. tracking showers into the bay area. your morning commute is going to be a wet one. hasn't rained in a while so the roads are going to be slick. it's a cool one coming straight down from the north. that makes them cold also not big rain producers. we're not expecting a ton of rain from this. you see a few light showers moving through the area earlier this evening. these are weather -- showers out in front of the system. the main system still back up up north a ways. you will see that in the live computer model coming up tomorrow. tomorrow pretty wet. it's a 5:00, 7:00 thing in the
12:19 am
bay. and 10:00 hour it's across san mateo, fremont. so here's how it looks for rainfall. .25 of an inch if we're lucky, .5 in other locations. this is not a cold rain producer it's a cold storm. temperatures could be 20 degrees cooler than it was in some places just a few days ago for the daytime high. snow levels down to 2,500 feet. the chance of a thunderstorms will persist in the afternoon hours but it would be a widely scattered deal and chances of seeing one i think most of us won't see anything like that. but you could. one cold pop up. tomorrow morning, tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. then you see at 11:00 a.m. and into the south bay then you see it move out by 7:00 p.m. your afternoon commute, roads are wet but dry. the scattered shower activity around here that could be a thunderstorms embedded into any one of these. then you move through to the 5:00. your afternoon commute should be dry. it's downright cold because now
12:20 am
all the cold air is here. that's where you could see a frost advisory, cold air warning and advisory because that cold air on wednesday morning and thursday morning period will be very chilly. we will see temperatures below freezing. wednesday afternoon and thursday morning another cold one. see that's the drag. that's a one shot deal. that weather system blows through, we're lucky if it drops .25 of an inch of rain that's not the type of winter storm you need. what you need is they open the door and keep coming. roads will be slick. steve paulson will get in here pretty early and will be talking about it. the five cay forecast will be bay area weekend in view then. i'm not dismissing this but this is the kind of system you expect to see. this looks like a late march system to me. the kinds of systems we need are something that can open the door, a few storms come in. right now there's a couple of chances for showers in the five day. after this but it's minimal stuff. like a sprinkle here, sprinkle there trace amounts.
12:21 am
>> it's verylight. >> but the morning commute is going to be very wet. >> reporter: the hollywood animal trainer and activists who worked with lassey and flipper has died at the age of 69. pat durbey copounded performing animals welfare society or paws. the arch 2000 sanctuary provides a home for aging, disabled or abused animals that can't return to the wild. derby's family says she died of throat cancer. a push to save sports in [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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oakland's sports fans are rallying to keep proteams from leaving the city. organizers with save oakland sports met with the city administrator and assistant city administrator tonight to discuss planning for the new stadium. the group is working to generate corporate sponsors and get long term commitment from the teams. the warriors are already planning a move to a new arena in san francisco. mark is here now with more on the controversy about mike montgomery at cal. >> yeah right off the top. never a good thing when a coach lays hands on a player. but considering phopbt --
12:25 am
montgomery's history gives him a little larger room for error. but one that certainly deserves an explanation and an apology from the coach. >> we all need him. there's no question about it. and he's a terrific kid. and i just made the mistake of getting a little overly excited a little overzealous in my approach to him. i apologized to him. not the way to handle it. not the way to motivate him. on the other hand, he had a whale of a second half. one of those warm and fuzzy stories going on again this spring with the giants.
12:26 am
manager bruce bochy's son bret is in camp. the youngster had an exceptional year in the minors last season as a closer he had 14 saves. probably headed to aaa this year in the giant's minor league season but enjoying every second of big league camp and aware he gets no special favors because of his dad. >> he's just my manager out here that's all he is on the field. it's all business. so once we get off the field we will have a little father and son talk. >> he's so excited to be here. he's worked hard to get here and he's earned this. i'm looking forward to watching hymn as well as the rest of the guys -- watching him as well as the rest of the guys here. but it's pretty special to have your son around, i'm not going to lie. take it up north of the border up no canada. this is at brandon university. their basketball coach gil chung hit a shot. he's in a suit and tie or at least shirt and tie when he
12:27 am
shot the ball. what he did not lucky for him but what it did for a student. it gives him free tuition. nine students at the campbell university of north carolina golf program with putting precision. let's watch it again. all of them coming through in the clutch. they all get it. and just in case you're wondering, that by the way was the 28th attempt it took them to get it but worth the wait. that's the sporting life for a monday night. so they did make it but in all fairness 28 times. >> imagine being the camera man going okay, one more time. >> how about the last guy. you know. >> pressure. >> and college tuition for that kid. how great is that. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. they'll be working to learn
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more about that
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